Worry Jar

Sometimes, we find that our worries take over our thoughts and this can stop us being able to do the things that we want to do with friends, with family, with work, etc.   

These anxious thoughts usually shouldn’t be dismissed, and it rarely works to say to ourselves that we should just ‘stop’ thinking about something.  The Worry Jar allows you to take these thoughts out of your head and put them safely in the jar.   

You can set a reminder for when you want to be alerted, to allow yourself to reflect and consider your worries.  Worries can be deleted when you find they are no longer an issue, and extra worries can be added at any time.   

Putting your anxieties on a schedule like this means that you should find that you are much more able to enjoy all your everyday activities without your thoughts being invaded so much.  When you spend time looking at your worries, you should try to ask yourself questions such as whether they still need to be causing you anxiety?  Or if anything has changed about them?  Or if you have done anything about making this different since last time?  Challenging your thoughts in this way can help to take control of your anxieties and lessen the impact that they have.