Rate Your Triggers

Part of beating your anxiety is understanding it.  Knowing what makes you feel anxious can go a long way towards it having less impact on you.   

This knowledge should NOT mean that we avoid these triggers or ignore them, as this can reinforce the anxiety.  Instead, it should help us understand them and begin to challenge them.   

Common triggers that can cause anxiety have been included, allowing you to rate how anxious each makes you.  The scale goes from 1 (it doesn’t bother you at all) to 10 (would cause you to have a panic attack).   

You can also add your own triggers, which may well be linked to your Worry Journal or your Worry Jar.  Once you have given a rating, you can set a reminder to come back to this trigger to reassess your rating.   

Our anxieties are not set in stone and by completing the activities in this app, you may find that you score reduces over time.  Or it might be that your scores have increased.  Again, this is a reflective activity where you can consider the factors that may be impacting your scores.   

Your ratings will be graphed to make it easy for you to see how they are changing.