Chaos Calming – the ideal Mindfulness and Meditation behaviour initiative to use within any classroom

Draws upon meditative practices and mindfulness activities to calm the chaos that can result after a lunch time play session.
Neuropsychology research has demonstrated that raised cortisol levels, which can occur as a result of a challenging lunch time, impacts on the pre-frontal cortex which is an area of the brain essential for learning.
An incredibly flexible behaviour initiative which can be used across the whole school, the package includes training on what happens in the brain when we get stressed, anxious or over-stimulated. We also discuss the results of research into the impact meditation and mindfulness can have on a brain with raised cortisol levels.

The Chaos Calming package includes the following resources:

  • Fully scripted meditations to complete with whole classes (KS1 and KS2)
  • Ideas on how to set up a mindfulness area for EYFS
  • Activity Booklets – differentiated for KS1, LKS2, and UKS2
  • Chaos Calming boxes, that can used throughout the day

Plus the following training and support:

  • A 2 hour training session for as many members of staff as desired
  • Ongoing email support
  • A follow-up session after a term, providing additional support and the opportunity to provide feedback


Regular off-site training sessions are held to ensure that new members of staff are fully trained in the Chaos Calming behaviour initiative at a minimal cost, and all attendees will also receive an updated resource pack for use in their school.


To discuss implementing Chaos Calming in your school email, use the contact form below or phone 07813 623 428.

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