Calmony – helping you reflect on, understand, question and challenge your anxieties

 Available worldwide now for iOS and Android

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This app has been designed to help you to manage, challenge and tackle your anxieties in a safe, supportive manner by utilising a variety of mindful activities.

All the activities within the app have been successfully used with clients in lowering anxiety levels while helping them to understand their anxieties better.

Each activity looks at anxiety in a different way. Some help you reflect on what your anxieties are and why you have them, some on ways in which you can tackle or challenge these anxious thoughts, some on focussing on a more positive mindset. They can be used independently or all together depending on what you feel will help you most.

We’re being made aware of some Android devices where Calmony doesn’t display correctly and/or some functions (e.g. blowing away a Fluffy Cloud) aren’t working as well as they should. Please get in touch with any issues via email, Instagram or Facebook, along with details of your device and screenshots, and we’ll work to get these fixed ASAP.